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          Controlling Noise in Every Environment


MetalTrends Acoustical Wall Panels, Clouds and Tiles

MetalTrends is a family of high performing metal wall and ceiling sound absorption panels ideally suited for any space with reverbant noise problems.

Inspire Art Custom Printed Wall Panels

Custom Printed Acoustical Wall Panels By Sound Seal® are the perfect acoustic and aesthetic solution for various interior noise reducing applications..

Acoustic Wall Panels, Ceiling Baffles and Diffusers

Sound Seal Architectural Products Improve Acoustic Performance in any Space

Sound Curtains

Acoustic Sound Curtain and Blanket Enclosures lower noise levels by 20 dB or more. Available for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Acoustic Metal Enclosures

IAC Acoustics, a Division of Sound Seal, manufactures a broad range of noise control products

Acoustic Floor Underlayments

Impacta Acoustic Floor Underlayments offer application specific solutions for foot fall noise between floors and ceilings

Wood Veneer Wall Panels and Ceilings

Provides the perfect balance between improved aesthetics and acoustical excellence.

Sound Seal Controlling Noise in Every Environment


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Our Company

Sound Seal, a leading manufacturer of industrial and architectural acoustic noise control products is located in Agawam Ma. Sound Seal is made up of four divisions The Architectural Division, Woodtrend Division, Impacta Flooring and the Industrial Division

Sound Seal is currently housed in a 50,000 sq ft state of the art facility in Agawam, Massachusetts, providing its customers with a complete line of soundproofing and noise control products.

Our Divisions

Architectural Division

The Architectural Division handles interiors and finishes, Fabric wrapped acoustic panels and now featuring "Printed Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels"

Impacta Flooring Division

The Impacta Flooring Division that offers acoustic floor underlayments

Industrial Division

The Industrial Division addresses in-plant and Outside noise control including environmental noise control


WoodTrends panel & planks wall and ceiling systems show the beauty of real wood with the added benefit of acoustic performance. Our Newest Produt includes the full line of the WoodGrille Ceiling Systems

IAC Acoustics

IAC Acoustics A Division Of Sound Seal

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